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Apidemia 2017 Internship

At its 4th consecutive edition, this year's Tech Academy brings back the excitement of learning the art of software development. Over the course of a 3 months carefully planned internship program, Apidemia offers the entry point into the world of tech for 10 talented students/graduates.

We focus on

open source

The crowd has a blast while working with all sorts of open-source technologies and ultimately learn how to master DotKernel, a PSR-7 Middleware Application collection that Apidemia has developed over the course of the past ten years.

You acquire

production level experiences

The Academy culminates with a final project where the interns are divided into small teams and get the chance to work on different projects that simulate a genuine experience of writing code in production.

We have

open discussions

Amongst this year's choices, we have light versions of Facebook, SoundCloud, Reddit, and others which steer up nerdy questions and exciting discussions with their professor. But ultimately, it's all in the name of learning the best practices of software development, which later on the interns will apply on projects in production.

But in the end, what matters most is that everyone has a fantastic time and enjoys every bit of Apidemia's informal Tech Academy.

Our Journey

Jul 3rd 2017

Here we go

the lessons start now!

Aug 21st 2017

Fresh, out of the oven tees

no need for ironing as they're already ironic.