preparing the engineers of tomorrow

We are Apidemia

engineers, creators & problem solvers

We are a software consulting and development services company with a team of creators, engineers, problem solvers all sharing a true passion for technology and all that surrounds it today.

Our company is spread in USA, Denmark and Romania, and our clients range from emerging startups to more stable and big corporations.

How we


Above anything, we promote a relaxed state of mind and workplace.

We believe programming can be done most effectively within a relaxed environment.

Our people's growth is highly important for us and we always try to help everyone get to the next step as quickly as possible (most of our developers got the ZCE certification while being in our company).

The tech academy

why do we do it?

We created the Tech Academy because we've seen that the formal educational system is not able to provide today's programmers with all the necessary information and knowledge so that they can keep up the pace with this fast changing world of IT.

And on top of that we had loads of fun with everyone coming into our company, actually most of our interns became our trusted colleagues :D

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